Gasket and Mechanical Seal Repair for Long-term Pump Productivity!

Are your industrial pumps in need of gasket or mechanical seal repair or replacement? No matter your industry, or the make and model of your pump, our certified engineers can evaluate your mechanical seal and provide a replacement or repair solution. Contact us to receive your free quote.

Why Houston Pump and Gear Is the Go-To Gasket & Seal Repair Source in North America

Our approach to mechanical seal repair is simple. Our highly-trained engineers use the best materials, along with state-of-the-art repair and reverse engineering applications. This ensures that each and every one of our clients walks away with mechanical seals that are built to last!

As your go-to gasket repair or mechanical seal repair provider, Houston Pump and Gear offers the most competitive pricing on the market and provides an extensive warranty for your repaired parts. You can also always expect a quick turnaround time so minimal production time is lost. 

Are you in need of immediate support? We offer 24-hour emergency service to get you moving on your repair quickly! 

What are Mechanical Seals and Gaskets?

Mechanical seals are integral parts of rotating industrial pumps. They prevent leakage and control the pressure within your pumps. Inside seals are gaskets. Gaskets maintain proper compression and adhesion, which makes for effective seals. If your company requires the movement of liquids, gases, oils, and fluids, then you will use many gaskets and seals on your production line.

Houston Pump and Gear’s Mechanical Kit Repair Procedure

We don’t just fix your out-of-service equipment, we also:

✔ Fully disassemble and clean the pump

✔ Evaluate the gaskets and seals 

✔ Identify the issue and provide a detailed inspection report

✔ Estimate total cost of repairs

✔ Fully repair the equipment

✔ Deliver the repaired pump parts to your facilities

Don’t waste any more time with your equipment off the line! Whether you have faulty seals or a blown gasket, contact our team to discuss all of your mechanical seal repair kit needs.

Mechanical Seals and Gaskets