Reverse Engineering of Industrial Pump Parts is the Affordable (and Durable) Alternative!

If you’re searching for discontinued or hard-to-find pump parts, buying new industrial components can be costly and challenging. Get a higher return on your investment with reverse engineering of pump parts. Instead of starting from scratch, our engineers will restore your equipment quickly and affordably to add decades to the product lifetime. Call to speak with our technical team to see if your equipment can be reverse engineered.

What is Involved in the Reverse Engineering of Pumps?

Reverse pump engineering for large manufacturing plants consists of inspecting the parts of industrial applications to see how to optimize the performance of the existing material. Instead of buying new parts, Houston Pump and Gear creates replacement components to OEM spec based on existing samples or blueprints, even when the components are damaged and can no longer be used. The final product will serve the exact same function as the originally designed part. 

The benefits of reverse engineering include:

  • Supply of obsolete components
  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved mechanical and hydraulic performance
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Ability to replace parts from any manufacturer

The Key Steps to Industrial Pump Parts Replacement

Our engineers have decades of experience repairing and remanufacturing pumps and gearboxes for industrial plants of all kinds. We reverse engineer parts, repairing equipment to like-new condition (OEM spec, size, and tolerance). Even if the product make and model isn’t commercially available, we can manufacture it as an aftermarket part. Our process is simple to ensure that you don’t lose valuable production time:

  • Our team receives your sample or CAD drawing of the damaged part. 
  • We then inspect the component to determine manufacturing requirements.
  • We provide the scope of work with a free estimate.
  • Finally, we build the replacement parts using component samples.

Our operations team will coordinate with you to get your pump back on-line quickly! You can expect the quickest turnaround time, the highest quality of service, and the most extensive warranty on the market. We also offer 24-hour emergency service if you need immediate assistance. 

Want to discuss your specific needs? Book a call with a member of our technical team.

From Houston Pump & Gear to the Production Line

While our headquarters is based in Houston, Texas, we serve clients throughout North America. We remanufacture pump parts for industrial equipment, including impellers, casings, shafts, backing plates, and more. We have decades of experience working with a number of manufacturing industries, including but not limited to: 

  • Food Processing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Production
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Big Pharma 
  • And many more!

Not sure if you need industrial pump repair or reverse engineering? Our technicians can review your requirements and offer their expertise before providing a free quote.

Reverse Engineering